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release script for osx/lin

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......@@ -12,4 +12,6 @@ scripts/*
ACCESSTOKEN=$(cat ../accesstoken.txt | tr -d ' ')
SHORTYEAR=$(cat ../aic/MAJOR.ver | tr -d ' ')
MONTH=$(cat ../aic/MINOR.ver | tr -d ' ')
DAY=$(cat ../aic/PATCH.ver | tr -d ' ')
HOURMINUTE=$(cat ../aic/BUILD.ver | tr -d ' ')
#copy ..\build\aic\aic-%version%-win64.exe ..\releases\
cd ../
git add releases/*
git commit -m "added release assets for version $VERSION"
git push origin master
\"name\": \"v$VERSION\",
\"tag_name\": \"v$VERSION\",
\"description\": \"v$VERSION\",
\"description_html\": \"v$VERSION\",
\"assets\": {
\"links\": [
\"name\": \"homepage\",
\"url\": \"\"
cd scripts/
cd ..
git commit -m "commit before tag version $VERSION"
git tag -a v$VERSION -m "version $VERSION"
git push origin v$VERSION
response=$(curl --request POST $createreleaseurl \
--silent \
--header "Content-Type: application/json" \
--data "$createreleasedata")
echo "Create release response: $response"
#curl --request POST --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: %ACCESSTOKEN%" --data name="aic-%version%-win64.exe" --data url="" ""
shortyear=`date '+%y'`
month=`date '+%m'`
day=`date '+%d'`
hour=`date '+%H'`
minute=`date '+%M'`
echo $shortyear > ..\aic\MAJOR.ver
echo $month > ..\aic\MINOR.ver
echo $day > ..\aic\PATCH.ver
echo $hour$minute > ..\aic\BUILD.ver
echo $shortyear.$month.$day.$hour$minute
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